Special Interest Housing

Special interest houses consist of a group of students who share a common interest. These students work closely with the Resident Assisant (RA) to plan programs and activities that interest those that reside in the special interest house. A special interest house provides students with the opportunity to meet other students who share similar interests and needs. Some of these communities are:

Honors House

Honors House is a community that provides a supportive environment for residents who wish to complement their academic pursuits with a commitment to social involvement and development. House members will also establish house study times and extended quiet hours and benefit from peer academic support. Students are not required to be enrolled in the academic Honors Program to be a member of the house. Only first-year students reside in this house.


This housing program was established in 2001-02 to address the requests of students who were looking for 3 things:

  1. Opportunities to get to know other students better
  2. Easier access to other students in some of their classes
  3. The chance to establish good working relationships with their faculty advisors

Collegium was the answer! The 72 students who are selected into the collegium community are enrolled in two classes together and live on the same residence hall floor in Campion Tower. As a community, the collegium students have the opportunity to participate in off-campus activities, for intramural athletic teams, and to discuss advising and academic issues that arise with faculty and upper class students. Although this community is in Campion Tower, the students who reside in the community are all first-year students.

Alpha House

It's the traditional Alpha Program with a twist! Students who choose Alpha House will enroll in an Alpha class and live together with other Alpha students. This living learning community provides students the opportunity to share their passion for learning and knowledge in and out of the classroom.

Alpha House is unique because students also have the opportunity to interact with Alpha faculty members from all disciplines. This encourages students to extend themselves academically outside of the classroom as they come together to share their individual interests and talents for the benefit of the whole community.

In Alpha House, intellectual, recreational and social pursuits blend seamlessly in a shared residential experience. Additional activities include:

  • Community service projects
  • Alpha movie discussions
  • Jesuit values dinner discussions
  • Social activities both on and off-campus

If you are looking for a first-year program that will challenge you academically, provide you with the opportunity to connect with faculty members and other first-year students, and allow you to live in an academic yet social community designed especially for first-year students, then this is the program for you! There is room for 448 students in the Alpha seminars, but there are only 70 spaces available in Alpha House.

Magis House

The transition to college can be both overwhelming and exciting at the same time. Magis House will help students make the transition to Loyola in a friendly and welcoming environment. The community is committed to excellence and wellness in all aspects-physical, mental, spiritual, social and academic. Special attention will be paid to weekend events and partnerships with the following groups on campus:

  • Peer Education
  • Academic Mentor Team
  • Recreational Sports
  • Campus Ministry.

This community will definitely give students all the tools they need to succeed at Loyola and beyond! Magis House will offer both suite and double-style room options.

Loyola University Global Village

Loyola's First-Year Global Village is a special interest house grounded in Loyola's commitment to diversity, justice and community. As Global communication increases, it is important for Loyola students to be exposed to intercultural dialogue and an understanding of the world that we live in. Students living in the Global Village will be able to bring discussions started in class back to their residence hall so that they can engage in healthy debate surrounding current events, religion and culture. Special attention will be paid to issues of social justice, thereby creating an awareness of how personal and national choices impact the larger global environment. Community features include:

  • Information about Loyola's Study Abroad Opportunities
  • Group Study to help students perform better in First-Year Language Classes
  • Multicultural Events on campus and around Baltimore
  • Only double-style rooms are available in this community

Ignatian Leadership House

In line with the Values of Loyola University and Jesuit Education, the Ignatian Leadership House is committed to identifying, developing and encouraging leadership among members of the first-year class while living together in community. Through in and out of class experiences, members will be challenged to think and act as both teachers and learners who lead by example and live the values of Loyola University. Community features include:

  • Students will be enrolled in FE 100 classes with other community members
  • Opportunities to meet student leaders across campus
  • Leadership Programs held in conjunction with the Office of Leadership and New Student Programs
  • Only double-style rooms are available in this community

Wellness House

The purpose of the Wellness House is to create an environment of students making healthy decisions. Students living in this house benefit from a quiet, studious environment. Members of this house will have the opportunity to participate in health-related events on campus as well as social activities both on and off-campus. Each member of the house will contribute to a community of encouragement to make healthy life decisions.